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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

February 8, 1993

Monday, oh Monday. The first day o' the week, the second day o' the month, second month o' the year, etc. etc. Well, let's recap the weekedn: FRIDAY, FEB 5, 1993 I went back to visit my alma mater, Hubert Horatio Humphrey Middle School for FAMILY FUN NIGHT. Now U must think "What the hell?" but, see, there were a lot of people from BHS there that I was hanging out with. Oh, shit! No, Laurie Dann didn't break into school again1, but the damn peer leaders have. Well, I'll write later. This is getting interrupted 2 much. -- JMC 11:39 am

1 I vaguely remembered the case of a woman killing several children at a North Shore elementary school (see link above), but it wasn't until my middle-school band teacher made macabre jokes about it whenever someone knocked on the closed classroom door that I put a name to the killer.


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