Shouting the Poetic Truths of High School Journal Keepers

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

January 25, 1993

Bill Clinton has been President for 120 1/2 hours now. Actually, Shane1 just killed him, but they never caught him (Shane, that is) and by some freak of nature, Shane is President. I suppose he killed the whole Congress too becuz he sez he's Pesident without having to go through the whole system. Anyways, getting back 2 reality, I'm not doing the survey exactly yet. Number one, Ryan is not going 2 homeroom 2day & Number two, Steve doesn't want 2 do it. Which I can understand, becuz people might make fun of him. I just hope that if I do it, people will take it seriously, becuz I don't really have a reason for doing it other than my own enjoyment. Hmmm... what else? My brother got the SPIN DOCTORS CD on Friday, which is okay, I suppose, if U like that kind of stuff. Well, actually, it's pretty good for being rock2, cuz it has some good songs like "Jimmy Olsen's Blues" -- but, ... U know, I was thinking about getting SOUNDS of BLACKNESS cuz it has "OPTIMISTIC" on it, but I want to hear it first. Damn. Nothing much 2 write. Zoe Baird withdrew from her Atty. General position becuz of illegal aliens from Peru that worked at her house ... Oh, I was talking w/ Chris & Becky on the phone on Thursday (this seems like 2 many subject changes. I know, but it should stay on the same topic for the time being, I hope) -- So, anyways, Becky was rattling on about this letter she wrote to Senator Paul Simon persuading him to become pro-life. Come on. He's not gonna change his mind becuz of one 14-year-old blonde girl from Bolingbrook who thinks that mothers have come murderers3. Actually, I'm writing a letter to Paul myself, which pleads to disregard Becky's letter. It's not really for any purpose, becuz my letter is of the same piddly importance, too, but it A) gives me an excuse to write to a US Senator B) gives me an excuse to attack pro-lifers and C) I don't know -- it just seemed like a fun thing to do, -- Anyways, I'm not pro-choice by the conventional sense of the word -- becuz I don't believe KILL THE KIDS! or anything like Mrs Gawlik sez4, but I do believe women should have the right to choose5. Well, Shane would like 2 read this, so I shall leave U with some words o' wisdom: HAVE a Nice DAY
-- JMC 11:50 am

1 Shane Cr3ma sat in front of me in 9th-grade geometry class.

2 I feel like this statement speaks volumes about my musical tastes, then and now.

3 One of the best things about being friends with B3cky R0senmayer in high school was that she was a staunch conservative Catholic, and we used to argue politics all the time.

4 Gawlik was my 8th-grade English teacher and one of the worst teachers I've ever had. Still, I'm not sure she ever said, or even implied, "KILL THE KIDS!"; there was a rumor that her daughter had had an abortion, but seriously, that was it.

5 Note that I've said, essentially: "I'm not what you'd call pro-choice, but I do believe a woman should have the right to choose." Umm?


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