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Thursday, January 20, 2005

January 20, 1993

By now, Bill Clinton has been sworn in and has been President of the United States of AMERICA * for approximately 32 minutes. Yay! But seriously, I was reading Steve's1 "Just as Good as a One-Act Play" plays, and it struck a chord in my mind becuz I've got to start working on Part X -- Hey, I'm not gonna let Ryan's incapabilities2 get in the way of my outstanding playwrighting. Hmmm ... I wonder if they spell it that way - "PLAYWRIGHTING" - I don't know. Maybe I'll coin it. But, anyways, Steve has written like 60 pages of notebook paper full of these plays which include such offbeat and quasi-humorous characters such as Anne, George Stephanopolous, J0e Triner (Steve's health teacher), the Spoon Guy from Baskin-Robbins, Melanie Hutsell, Robert M. Haft (President, Crown Books. ["At $19.95, Danielle Steel's Jewels costs too much, so I priced it at $10.95"]), Lorne Michaels, Kevin Meehan3, Kevin Nealon, the entire cast of Saturday Night Live, Jerry Seinfeld, and Dagmar (Steve's model girlfriend). I really wish that Ryan would finish up Part IX, though, cuz it's easier for me to write if I have something to follow. I mean, I know the general plot, but I need some one-liners to allude to or something. Bill Clinton has been President for approximately 44 minutes. Just thought I'd let U know in case U were wondering. Actually, his real name is WILLIAM JEFFERSON BLYTHE III, but that whole stepfather deal resulted in his name change. It's ironic, too, that his middle name is Jefferson becuz he went to the White House by bus from MONTICELLO in Virginia. Which is also ironic because his mom's name is Virginia Kelley. Which is doubly ironic becuz I always picture Virginia as being green -- not necessarily kelly green, but green nonetheless -- U know on the map. If it's not green, it should be. Maybe I'll protest Rand McNally, whose store I visited when I was at the WOODFIELD MALL. Now this is interesting; Am@nda Br0nersky (BITCH) just asked Sinny who he was going with and he kind of shook his head or shrugged or something. I don't know, but there was no vocal movement whatsoever. Speaking of Rontaya, her sister's kinda hot too. Her name's Shaista - I believe that's the correct spelling, and she's in my Spanish class too. But, see, I can't sit by them anymore cuz Senora Rosa's seating chart puts me 2 rows away from them. Damn. Still thinking about Danielle...
JMC 11:55 am

1 Steve K0ven was my best friend from 8th-9th grade.

2 Ryan B. had volunteered to write Part IX of the series but was apparently dragging his feet.

3 Steve's 8th-grade social-studies teacher


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