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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

January 19, 1993

First day o' second semester. I am in homeroom once again, and incidentally, Sinny just walked in cuz he couldn't find the classroom. I suppose he's another Marcus, if U know what I mean.1 But anyways, all has gone well thus far. English is kinda boring now with the absence of KRISTY RAV3N, Becky R0senmayer + Clarissa, but, still, I have few complaints. What can be interpreted as good news is the fact that Danielle's in my 2nd, 3rd, + 4th period classes which might attract me to her more. Especially in Speech/Theatre, where I might get 2 do stuff w/her. That actually looks like a good class becuz there are a lot of hands-on activities. Although I don't know how much writing we'll do. Health is OK too, but it might be kinda boring. As I'm sure I'm boring U with this senseless yapping about my classes. And speaking in incomplete sentences. So I was at. The mall yesterday. In Woodfield. And I got the sheet music for the soundtrack to "Boomerang", which I saw FRIDAY (the movie) and will elaborate on later. Plus, I got this nifty poster that sez "If everyone's brain was on drugs, then it would be..." and it showed like Dan + Dave - with Dan frying in the pan as an egg and Dave on the side cracked. Actually, that should be the other way around becuz, of course, Dan O'Brien was the one who failed 2 qualify for the OLYMPIC GAMES, while Dave Johnson didn't. Also, it had Michael Jackson as an egg (brain on drugs): 1975 - brown egg TODAY - white egg, if U get the symbolism -- And this new song he has out -- "Heal the World"? What is this shit? I mean, it's a good message and all, but this sappy folksy shit -- give me a break. I'm sorry, but really? Anyways, that about wraps it up for now becuz we have to leave in 3 minutes. Normally, I'd keep writing, but this seating position in the back corner has toyed with my mind
--JMC 11:53 am

1 Not really. Although I suspect that "Marcus" refers to a certain star running back listed here.


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