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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

January 11, 1996

You know why I am the coolest? I have not yet written "1995" erroneously on any homework assignment, college application, etc., whatsoever. That's why, since it's probably the first time in my life. But anyway, as I may have mentioned before -- I don't remember -- finals are upcoming next week & the end of the semester is upon us, which calls for a time of reflection & meditation on being 7/8 complete with high school. I don't know whether this has anything or not to do with what I'm talking about, but it's kind of been pissing me off lately that I probably won't get to participate in any Scholastic Bowl meets because of the musical. The connection may be that I'd like to do all I can before I make like the Ramones and say "¬°Adios Amigos!" But that's what I've been feeling. On the surface, I like Scholastic Bowl somewhat better, but you gotta figure that after Guys & Dolls is all over, I'll be glad I did it. (I've simply forgotten that at this point, it's not appropriate to say that you'll make it -- even though, come on, gimme a break, she needs all the guys she can get, and forgive my pomposity, but I'm one of the premiere ones1) Just needed to rationalize that within myself for a moment. I haven't much thought about leaving everybody, but I guess that's what the new year does to you, when you realize that it is 1996, the year that you've known forever is your high school graduation. Anyway, I had a few more dreams lately, but they're recorded elsewhere; they were all last night actually & pretty bizarre. Hmmm ... new topic ... ta ta ta ta ta ... no new loves in my life, I don't think. That gets pretty boring after a while, when there's not -- suddenly, pop! -- a new girl or boy to start keeping your daydreaming busy, every 90 mins or whatever the interval is (don't have to know it for the psych final; not going to bother, since I spent enough time making a study guide tonight). [...] Gotta sleep now. Better entry soon (at least before Monday) JMC 11:52 PM

1 Which maybe explains why I was disappointed when I was cast in the non-singing role of Lt. Brannigan.


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