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Friday, January 07, 2005

January 7, 1993

This, without a doubt, is the last journal entry of Volume II -- Watch for Volume III coming soon from JMC Publications which will be from January-May 1993, most likely. Anyways, I'm sitting here in the library again with my geometry homework completed and nothing better 2 do. Well, actually, Mike McCaskey asked me to coach the Bears but I declined. So, I suppose the inevitable question is, since the departure of Anne, what female(s) have stirred my interest lately? Well, there are three, all of which have been mentioned in this journal before: Danielle (I just can't let her go), Rontaya (cuz I've been talking w/her a lot [well, maybe not that much, but enough to be stirred] in Spanish) -- and ... Stacie, although I am hasty to add that she's still just a friend, even though when she pretends she's married to Jay in history, I get jealous becuz I have to be their son. -- That would be the easiest for me to ask out, yet at the same time the hardest -- becuz U know she's a really good friend & I talk 2 here a lot, but at the same time, I don't really think of her romantically. Rontaya hardly knows me, plus she likes Sinny Childr3d, which is a drawback, I suppose. I don't know what Danielle's status is. The clock on the wall here sez that it is 10:21, so I have four more minutes. Damn, but I still like her -- Danielle I mean. It's not like last year when I was obsessed w/her, like w/the Valentine1 or anything, but she's in my top 5 for like the 50th week in a row -- not that I've been counting, but I never really liked 5 girls more than Danielle in any given week. Even when I kind of liked Anne, I still dreamed about Tyrone & Terrell & City, USA.2 It's an ongoing fantasy that will never end. Well, I'm sorry the end of this is not as party-like as last year's entry, but hey! that was the end of school & this is not, so have a happy day and keep reading JMC Journals ---
JMC 10:25 am

1 On an ILX thread about your crush history, I wrote the following:

I sent [Danielle] a Valentine on Feb. 14 in which I quoted some Yeats poem, as found in Bartlett's Quotations, theme: love, and then mustered up the courage to call her that night to see if she got it. It was an awkward conversation. She said the quote sounded familiar and thought it was from All My Children. Later in the year she dated P3ter Ros3ngren, who was nearing 6'0" by then -- convinced she only liked tall guys, I propped myself up on several textbooks one day in English class. It didn't work. She went to Spelman College, have no idea what happened after that.)

2 I wrote a short story in fall 1992 that was basically a domestic fantasy, in which Danielle and I were married and had preschool-age twin boys named Tyrone and Terrell. I don't know what City, USA means, though.


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