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Friday, December 17, 2004

December 17, 1993

...because apparently she was confused over when OUR monthaversary actually occurred.1 I don't know; I didn't press her on it. But anyways, today is last day o' school before holiday vacation. I hasten to say "Christmas vacation" because of course, not everybody celebrates Christmas. It's sad, really, that they have to be subjected to it, especially if they're too shy to point out that they don't believe in it. Why must we assume that everyone gets presents on Dec 25 and sings Christmas carols (by that I mean those mentioning the baby Jesus, etc.)? I was reminded of this on two separate occasions, the first being Sra. Rosa's2 non-stop "Christmas fiesta" this and "Feliz navidad" that. In our Christmas carol singing yesterday, I would have gladly sung CASCABELES, but O PUEBLECITO DE BEL√ČN or LA NOCHE DE PAZ, I think is blurring the lines of church and state. Apparently, a Mississippi principal was fired last week for reading a prayer over the PA (while I disagree w/ the extent of the punishment, I do believe it shouldn't have occurred.) Mike Royko also spoke of a similar situation in the Tribune on Wednesday. I'm thinking, though, how much religion impacts us. For example, I was ushering for the Marilyn Bie1by-directed A Christmas Carol (which does not count as a religious inclusion because to try out for the play or view it is not forced upon someone), when Becky R0senthal comes up to pay for her ticket and remarks, "Hey, have you seen the Seinfeld book? It's so good. I got it for Hanukkah." I had never thought twice that she would be Jewish. But it makes sense, though. Rosenthal, Seinfeld ... So now I can't see her without thinking "Jewish." I don't know what it is about the Jewish faith that does that. I don't think *METHODIST* when I see Katy B1anchard or *LUTHERAN* when I talk to Jay J0rdan. Oh well... -JMC 10:55 am

1 This ellipsis carries over from the previous day's entry, which was abandoned mid-sentence: [Dec. 16, 1993: Today, friends, is Ryan & Shanna's monthaversary; that's what Ryan told me today, and I suppose my Nov 17 entry confirms that. Stacie was upset...]

2 My daffy, inept Spanish teacher.


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