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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

January 26, 1994

Well, wouldn't you know it? Someone of ordinary stature or class might be thinking to themselves right about now: I suppose finals must be over at that Bolingbrook High School educational facility we hear so much about; therfore, out amigos (or nuestros amigos, si prefieres) must be on shiny brand-new sparkling clean schedules and -- wait, let me guess -- (Diane would appreciate my use of the dash) John is in homeroom right now passing around small bite-size crackers which have been poisoned with the exact same 15-year-old Kool-Aid Jim Jones used in Guyana, and deciding the fate of every single student in this here, Mr. Ken/Brett G0uld's classroom, run instead not by Mr Ken/Brett Pick a Name and Go With It G0uld (Maybe I should explain: It seems as if his name is Ken Brett G0uld, yet he prefers to go by Brett, rather than Ken. Go figure. Anyways1, he's a Republican2.) but by Mrs. Lisa B0d0uris3, who is currently reading about "[Princess] Diana's Lonely Battle."4

1 My entries up through 1994 are littered with the word "anyways," which I used freely until Ms. Breining3r informed me one day that it wasn't a real word.

2 This evidently enough to permanently tar him in my mind! I never actually had him for class myself (he taught AP European History), but he always rubbed me the wrong way. Fun fact: he was an amateur rugby player.

3 P.E. teacher. (The homeroom she supervised had to be held in G0uld's room as she had no classroom of her own.)

3 Presumably in People.


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