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Saturday, February 26, 2005

February 26, 1992

Only four months til Steve's birthday -- And I don't even know what 2 get. I was thinking on the bus today -- for I don't know what reason -- what I should write in Danielle's yearbook if she asks me to -- But Golly, that's almost as long as Steve's birthday -- I hope I could get a picture of her or something -- I don't know -- Steve says I should ask Danielle out on Friday -- I should ask her out soon before she starts going out w/ someone else -- or worse yet, starts going out w/ Marcus again -- Oh god -- Can't think of anything to say -- I got the new top 10, though -- I can't fill you in til Friday --
JMC 9:22 am

I was coming back from lunch, going to Mr. W@llin's room. Steve & I were talking (Hey, he gained two on Danielle already today) [See 2-25] Oh well, so Steve went into industrial arts and Danielle & some other girl were talking and then I passedby to go to Mr. W@llin's room and she kinda looked at me & whispered something to the girl, and so then the girl smiled & looked at me -- So I (being the mind-reader that I am) figured, "Hey! Danielle said something about me." And I know I'm right -- it's just what did she say? -- JMC 1:44


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