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Sunday, February 20, 2005

February 20, 1992

Adam Gyn@c got into this big fight with Steve today at lunch, which I didn't want to get into at first, but then became reminiscent of Adam's and my fight last year, ie Adam bragging about how he can really kick Steve's ass & saying what an awesome vocabulary he has (well, actually only implying it) and how he can think of much better things to say, and saying "My hobbies are my own business" (referring to D&D) and my God, I'm on the 11th line already and I haven't even mentioned Danielle yet. Oh well, the spelling bee is tonight and I figure if I can somehow get rid of Andrew Web3r, Mike Lawl3r, and/or Katie R3h (well, actually I'd need to get rid of two), then Danielle would get in.1 Yay! Wouldn't that be great -- I could ask her out tonight -- but two people are really going to not be there -- but I hope that she'll at least show up beforehand & wait until everyone gets there -- I can't really say her name too much, cuz Sami wants to see it, and it wouldn't really be very nice for her to see it -- OK Sami knows now, and I've confirmed (well, actually Sami did) that she broke up w/Marcus, although I don't know if it was about Julie or not. Anyway, after Sami asked Danielle if she did or not, it sparked a conversation at that table, which Steve has been moved to. I hope he's listening cuz I wanna find out what she said -- JMC 2:30

1 Danielle was second-alternate for the district bee and thus would have only competed if two other contestants couldn't participate. After losing in the last stages of the county-wide bee in sixth grade, and accidentally failing to show up for the grade-level bee in seventh grade, this was my last chance for spelling bee glory.

On ILX, I told the story of what happened that night: "...I was given the word 'tentative.' Feeling too confident, I guess, I breezed through it: 'T-E-N-T-I-T-I-V-E.' I couldn't believe I had slipped up and wound up bawling in the backseat of the car on the way home. The weird part is that I was semi-embarrassed that I had spelled it so that 'TIT' was in the middle of the word; I had a notion that people would think that I had misspelled it because I was distracted by thoughts of breasts.


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