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Saturday, February 12, 2005

February 13, 1995

A sad fact widely known ("Rubber Ring," The Smiths) is that my "kid brother" -- that sounds so Wally & the Beav -- has written a hell of a lot more than I have lately, albeit for classroom English assignments, as he has Rita E Cl3house as his 8th-grade language arts teacher. But never fear. I will be soon back in the swing of things, especially since my doting month is upon us soon, lovely harbinger of spring, sunny cold afternoons of melted snow that is March. It seems to me that I have not yet encountered the innocent person that will turn my heart aflutter, but I am confident that my yearly cycle1 will not be interrupted now. The only thing that I believe might disrupt this annual event is the lack of desire or need for a companion in this stage of my life, as I have my wonderful friend Stacie to chat with most every day & night when I feel up to it. And I cannot imagine how I could function without her -- so that effectively ruins the mental aspect of it. But hormones cannot be controlled or held back. It really doesn't matter who you are -- if you are a sixteen-year-old male, that's the way it goes. Just a tip to the kids, there. I look forward this week to quite a few things, namely the opera on Thursday. The Barber of Seville is not something to be taken lightly and I am sure that I will enjoy myself, especially in the company of the Sunrise Singers. What else have I got going for me, besides my daily dose of stage crew w/ Stacie, Chris, Genevieve, Rosalie2, Mandy, & the like... I suppose there's not much else -- maybe the opera fills at least three things to look forward to because of its magnitude -- three was an arbitrary number, by the way. I'm not exactly on a "kick," if you haven't noticed, so I won't waste much space with thoughts I have trouble with retrieving. Feb 3 -- now that was a kick. JMC 9:02 PM

1 For three years running, I'd developed mad crushes on girls in the springtime (1992: Danielle Th0mas, 1993: Shanna Pr@naitis, 1994: Marie Rutk0ski) and assumed the trend was inevitable. It didn't happen this time, though.

1 "Rosalie" was actually, for some reason that's no longer apparent, my nickname for fellow stage-crew worker (on Little Shop of Horrors) N3rissa Caball3s.


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