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Saturday, February 19, 2005

February 19, 1993

Actually, I must apologize for Thursday's entry because Leo1 came into class and we were talking about MALCOLM X, and I got into the conversation. Today is Friday, in case U couldn't tell, and my name is J0hn Cunningh@m, which U probably couldn't tell because it looks like "JOHN CGH."2 That's my fault, really. We are on an assembly schedule today, which means that 10 minutes are taken off PERIODS 1, 2, and 3 so that we can have a happy fun assembly commemorating *SPIRIT WEEK*. That means that it is really 11:09, if U can believe it. If U can't, then douse your head in a barrel of ginger ale for approximately 2 minutes, then balance a loaf of bread on your head and whistle "Kiss of Life" by Sade while skipping down the hallway. I realize, though, that I haven't been giving U QUEEN updates, as promised. Again, my fault. I'm kinda mad, though, cuz I accidentally taped Part Three over Part Two. That doesn't matter, though, becuz I saw Part Two already and shall fill U in now: (Do U realize that I've written the word "though" in the last 3 sentences? ¡Qué raro!) QUEEN has left the plantation and has gone to South Carolina to find work. Immediately, she stumbles upon Lonette McKee, who, in fact, played Wesley Snipes' wife in Jungle Fever (see Feb. 92)3, who is also biracial.

Then she falls in love with a white man, the only problem, though, (SHIT! I did it again) was that he didn't know she was half-black, and once he found out he raped her. Of course, McKee was steaming becuz Queen had told the guy in the first place. It's amazing how much racism there was in this period to begin with. Maybe it's just becuz it was the Deep South, but it was all "nigger" this and all this shit. So many problems, even w/the newly-found freedom. (Why is Newfoundland pronounced "NOO-FUND-LIND"? It should be NOO-FOWND-LAND) I guess all the Southerners were mad that they lost the war and were still harsh toward the ex-slaves. But, anyways, Queen is forced to move out of the community where she comes across these fat white religious lesbians (or at least I think they are lesbians. To tell the truth, I don't even know if kd lang is either, although I'd wager that she was) who are trying to get her to be Lutheran or whatever they are, and always insulting. So, I'll tell U the rest later.
-JMC 11:24 AM

1 A "peer leader" who periodically visited our freshman homeroom and led us in various activities or discussions.

2 That is, in my signature at the top of the notebook page.

3 Upon seeing this cross-reference, I said to myself, "But I thought I didn't start journaling until March 1992." And then I dug out the first journal, and it turns out I actually started on January 27! So get ready for some very early entries, from 8th grade, to be integrated into the rotation.


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