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Friday, February 25, 2005

February 25, 1992

Mrs. G@wlik's still a bitch, but she really didn't do anything recently except for telling me to turn around in my seat -- actually, she thinks I was talking to Steve, but thats really comfortable & plus, its easy to get a glance at Danielle. Oh well -- Steve started a journal, too -- it's actually patterned after mine, but what the hell do I care. Mrs. G@wlik doesn't even do anything this period -- she jus' sez do your homework or read a book -- which is good, I guess, but that's really not what we're supposed to do -- Steve informed me that this is my one-month anniversary writing this (actually, it was Saturday) So now, let's present the most often-mentioned names. (These do not count)

1) Danielle 56
2) Steve 46
3) Marcus 13
4) Mrs. G@wlik 12
5) Julie 7
Adam G 7
Jay 7
8) Sami 6
9) Mrs. Nawr0t 5
10) Marilyn 5
11) Summer 5

--JMC 9:26

Pretty neat-o, huh? I did that in library last Friday when I was bored -- I wanna write a play or something kinda like "Jungle Fever" which is one of the best movies I have ever seen -- I saw that on Saturday night -- don't read this if U haven't seen it --

OK -- Wesley Snipes is married to this lady who's half-black, half-white, but she considers herself black, like she almost hates whites. OK, & they have a daughter who's about 7 or 8 years old -- at the beginning Snipes & this lady were having sex, and the girl wakes up in the morning & says, "Why does mommy always make those funny noises" & then she has to explain it & everything & then the girl says "I know, I was just testing U" -- Then Flipper (that's Snipes) goes to work, and learns that his new partner is this Italian lady from Bensonhurst (Annabella Sciorra) and he's really pissed off cuz he wanted some black person, so then he becomes really attracted to her and then they have sex, and he finally tells his best friend, who is played by Spike Lee -- However, Spike tells his wife, and his wife tells Flipper's wife, and then she kicks Flipper outta the house an' then there's this almost documentary-type thing going on about interracial relationships with all of Flipper's wife's friends. There's a sub-plot, too, involving Pauly, Sciorra's ex-boyfriend. He works in this store with all these Italian racists who really hates blacks. Pauly ends up going out with this black woman, and this is so weird cuz when he asks her "Would you be attracted to a white boy" & she sez "Why me?" that's exactly what Steve said Danielle would say to me when I called her. Anyway, there's also another part about Flipper's brother, some crack addict whom Flipper's parents have to kill. So, back to the story -- basically cuz I don't wanna say anything more, they realize they can't work it out & so Flipper goes back to his wife & they have more sex -- and then thats it -- Oh no! I never mentioned the prostitutes -- they wanted to suck his dick for like $3 -- my God, they're desperate! -- JMC 12:52


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