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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

February 23, 1993

Thank God I have this extra 20 minutes in Spanish now, or else this would have to be another *THIS SPACE FOR RENT* since I drew the design in geometry. And the reason I have all this time now is becuz Sra. Rosa is not here and I'm finished with the homework that Mr. Gould (EL REPUBLICANO! AACK!) passed out. That reminds me that 2day is election day. Down with MAYOR CLAAR! Actually, I bet no one in this littl etown really even cares about the damn election anyways, and if they do, they're major Republicans. Or at least conservative becuz B3cky R0senmayer denies that she is a Republican (HA!) but sez she's conservative. Where's the logic in that? I can see a moderate Republican, or a moderate Democrat, if that's what she is. But a conservative Democrat? I think she's independent, like Mary O'C0nnor, who voted for Perot. But we were talking about MR GOULD, weren't we? The thing is, I wouldn't have any knowledge of his views if it weren't for Anne's reports on him when we were going out. He hasn' shown any signs of Republicanism to me yet, but this is only the 3RD time I've seen him. Why are we talking about MR. BOULD? I don't know, but who am I to judge? I only write this damn journal; I don't pick the topics. Well, maybe I do, but still ... HOMEWORK this evening is the following: Geomertry - Section 8-8, Classroom Exercises 1 and 2; English - finish Act I of WEST SIDE STORY and project due for ROMEO & JULIET. That was actually a pretty good story, I thought. Am I the only one? I'm sorry, I liked it. The movie was pretty good, too, and not just becuz of the sex scene. I'm not going to divulge, U can rent it on your own (ROMEO & JULIET, 1977. Directed by Franco Zefferelli) I also have study 4 history too. No espaƱol. YIPPEE. Was that redundant? "I also have to study 4 history too"? What was that "too" doing there? I must not be paying attention. God, do U know how long it's been since I mentioned Steve? Shit. What's there 2 say? Well, I haven't talked about the motion pictures I saw over the weekend, or for that matter, the rest of my OSCAR PICKS. It'll have 2 wait.
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