Shouting the Poetic Truths of High School Journal Keepers

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

February 22, 1994

It must be obvious to all my readers that today is George Washington's birthday; I am certain that everyone is well-read about matters as such and therefore, I shall refrain from discussing it. All right, next issue: I am carrying a pencil with me right now that reads on it, in orange lettering (the pencil itself is black), "The Oh'Lantern Family." Now, I'm not too concerned with things like why there's an apostrophe in the name or why this name actually exists in the world today or if this is some kind of cruel Halloween prank -- I just wanna know how this pencil managed to fall into my hands. My last name, if you'll read the heading, is Cunningh@m, not Oh'Lantern, and furthermore, I do not know anyone named Oh'Lantern, which I imagine, if this name does exist, is a Chinese family. Speaking of which, last week the school served Chinese food, and egg roll - fried rice - Oriental chicken soup - mixed vegetables entree, which is an extremely refreshing change when you're used to the standard school blah lunch. In fact, today, thy served feta cheese and baklava (w/ the gyro) for Greek day! -- JMC 1:15 pm


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