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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

March 8, 1993

Well, well. Where has the time gone? It is now 10 o'clock pm. Actually 10:03 but who really gives a damn? Ron Magers is enticing us to watch the rest of the news by offering a special health report on second-hand smoke. The last time I wrote this late was last March, in fact, when Bill Clinton "won a slew of primaries," my words. So, anyways, it sez in my last entry that I should write about Shanna 2day, but I think I would've written anyway. Don't U? How would U know? Actually, I think she is kinda replacing Stacie, if U know what I mean. Numero uno. U may be shocked at this, but I've kinda liked her for a while. Talk amongst yourselves. See, in theatre 2day, we all got up on stage to practice our monologues, and she was standing right next to me, so we were talking about how non-verbals have no point and other meaningless things. In fact, U were probably just about 2 say "Boy, that sure is meaningless", but the whole thing w/ Danielle started w/us talking about my Wendell cartoons (that seems weird spelled -- "Wendell" -- since I am used 2 Arrested Development's "Mr Wendal" song)

I even had the same feeling with her today as I did with Danielle, talking like that, looking into her hazel eyes. Actually, Danielle's eyes are brown; Shanna's are hazel, to clear up the controversy ... Well, I don't know, I just thought I'd tell U. More will come later. I don't think this time sets the record, but I wanna see the rest o' the news.
--JMC 10:22 pm


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