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Saturday, March 05, 2005

March 5, 1993

On March 30, 1993, at precisely 9:40 pm, our beloved President William Jefferson Clinton will have been President for exactly 100,000 minutes. One-hundred THOUsand minutes. That's right: extend the pronunciation of THOU. It should be two times as long as "sand". I'm planning on calling Becky R0senmayer to remind her of this fact, but first, I shall write. CAST LIST for A One-Act Play: JOHN CUNN!NGHAM---Tom Hanks, DANIELLE TH0MAS---Tisha Campbell, STEVE K0VEN---Jason Alexander, MRS BUTTERWORTH---Angela Lansbury, CAJUN MAN---Adam Sandler, DELIVERY MAN---Rob Schneider, MRS GAWL!K---Bea Arthur, R0NTAYA BA!LEY---Halle Berry, JIM---Charles Kimbrough, GARY---Grant Shaud, VOICE---James Earl Jones, TED KOPPEL---Dana Carvey. That's all I have so far. I think it's an excellent cast. Moviegoers will flock to it in herds. It will be produced by Larry David, producer of Seinfeld. I should also add that Jerry Seinfeld and Tony Randall play themselves. So, what else is new? I argued with MR WILSON for almost the whole period yesterday, but I think it unnecessary commenting on since everything I sed on Wednesday is what I sed to him. I've been thinking that I'm not putting enough information in here, but the reality of it is that I might even be putting 2 much in, if there is such a thing. I just think about everything about my life that U don't know and I feel that I should put it all in. Like how my mom got a job two weeks ago. I mean this is big stuff cuz she was unemployed for like a year and a half. But I only tell U now. And at the same time, I ramble on about how Tenille Jacks0n is singing Bobby Brown songs which has virtually no significance whatsoever. What's with that? Well, I just had to get that off my chest so U don't think that stuff is my whole life. But I gotta go now. Let me put a reminder here that I need 2 talk about Shanna.
JMC 11:55 am


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